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Martinique is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a land area of 1,128 km2 (436 sq mi). Like Guadeloupe, it is an overseas region of France, consisting of a single overseas department. As with the other overseas departments, Martinique is one of the twenty-six regions of France and an integral part of the Republic. The Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, and its currency is the Euro. Its official language is French, although many of its inhabitants also speak Antillean Creole. Martinique is pictured on all Euro banknotes, on the reverse at the bottom of each note, right of the Greek ΕΥΡΩ next to the denomination.



Martinique, Fort-de-France
Hotel Meridien Martinique

Restaurant: La Casa Creole.

Rooms: 293, Suites: 2

Lodging Type: Hotel

Phone: (59) 666-0000, Toll Free: (800) 543-4300
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Address: Fort-de-France, 



Martinique, Le Francois
Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa
Fitness Center, Spa Facilities, Bar, Mini Bar, Water Sports

Rooms: , Suites: 50

Lodging Type: Resort/Spa

Phone: (59) 654-8080, Toll Free:
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Address: Le Francois, 



Martinique, Pointe du Bout
Hotel Bakoua Sofitel

Restaurant: Le Chateaubriand.

Rooms: 134, Suites: 5

Lodging Type: Hotel

Phone: (59) 666-0202, Toll Free: (800) 471-9090
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Address: Pointe du Bout, 



Martinique, Ste. Anne
Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek
Casino, Bar, Water Sports

Rooms: 300, Suites:

Lodging Type: Resort/Spa

Phone: (59) 676-7272, Toll Free: (800) 258-2633
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Address: Ste. Anne,