Fiji Islands, Savusavu

Moody’s Namena Island Resort


The Resort is a secluded paradise with white sand beaches as well as hiking trails through tropical forest.

Moody’s Namena Island Resort is an environmentally friendly private island South Pacific getaway and offers scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing or honeymoon vacations with Fijian bure accommodation. The Resort is a secluded paradise with white sand beaches as well as hiking trails through tropical forest.

Rising dramatically from the depths of the Koro Sea and on the fringe of Bligh Waters, lies the mile-long 110 acre island of Namenalala, surrounded by one of Fiji's most pristine diving and snorkeling reef ecosystems known as the Namena Barrier Reef.

The dragon-shaped island, with several powder-soft white sand beaches, is home to a six bure (Fijian for cottage) resort owned and operated by Tom and Joan Moody.

Unlike most island resorts where the bures, restaurant, bar & activities center is situated 'on the beach', to make the most of spectacular vistas of reefs, beaches and distant islands, we decided to locate on the clifftop where one not only has panoramic views, but catches the tradewinds as well.

The various 'bure' sites were chosen carefully and spaced hundreds of yards apart to provide the ultimate in privacy.

Since Namenalala Island was uninhabited when Tom 'discovered' it in 1983, after camping on the island for two weeks, he decided that he would take one 10 acre portion to build the resort, leaving the majority of the island as he found it.

Walking trails are carved across the tropical forest, leading one to remote beaches where a picnic lunch can be sent upon request. At the highest elevation - around 400 feet - he found rock ruins of an ancient civilization and samples of pottery found were sent off and analyzed to be 2000+ years old.

Fiji's reef eco-system (often called the soft coral capital of the South Pacific) is diversified and the Namena Barrier Reef which surrounds Namenalala Island is acclaimed by diving publications as one of Fiji's best sites.

Bird-watching is a popular pastime and within the nature reserve is a red-footed booby nesting colony and a flying fox camp. Lesser frigates circle lazily at soaring heights, swooping down on the red-footed boobys to steal dinner away from them.

The elegant long-tail tropic bird nests in the rocky cliffsides and in hollow tree trunks. Multi-hued land birds entertain you with their songs. Giant sea turtles come ashore to nest.

Location: Located on the mile-long 110 acre island of Namenalala
Bures (cottages)
Facilities: Full Service Restaurant, Honeymoons
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Box Lunches
: Full Service Restaurant
: (679) 828-5077